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Hi, My name is Daniel, a Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist.

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If you’re here on our website, chances are that you’ve seen a myriad of other secondary school English tuition websites as well, all promising to help your child get better English grades.

But what differentiates us?

It’s simple.

We GUARANTEE improvement in your child’s English grades otherwise there is no penalty for walking away

Pay Only If Your Child Improves Guarantee

You must be thinking…

How is this guy so confident that he is willing to guarantee results?

The answer is straightforward.

Our teaching system has been battle hardened across hundreds of students in the past few years, and an extremely high percentage of them achieved significant improvements in their English results!

Our System Enables Our Students To Ace Their English Examinations With Ease

Don’t take my words for it. Have a look at my student’s result.

The #1 misconception most parents have about the SECONDARY School O/N LEVEL Syllabus in Singapore

Most parents seem to think that english is “common sense” and can be improved by reading books or news articles…

Yes, this statement is true to a certain extent. English can be improved naturally through time and by reading more books or articles, leading to a stronger command of the language.

However, the GCE ‘O/N’ Level syllabus does not just measure “command of the English Language”.


In paper 1 alone, these are just some of the essay question types:

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Even if a child is “naturally gifted” and has a flair for writing, he or she still won’t be able to do well in Paper 1 just with that talent.

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Each essay type requires specific structures and rules that are likely to be penalised in national exams if broken…

For example, Argumentative essays should be objective and claims must be backed up with hard-proof statistics or real life case studies. For example if I’m trying to argue that Singaporeans are becoming unhealthier, I would need to use a statistic like “According to CDC, diabetes rates increased from 0.93% in 1958 to 7.40% in 2015”

Going against these unspoken rules in the national exams could penalize a student and pull his or her marks down.

Thus in order to do well for Paper 1, your child needs to have both a strong command of the language, and a strong grasp & understanding of the specific question types and how to answer them.

However, most parents only realize this when their child receives their GCE ‘O/N’ results slip…

I personally know a friend whose child is extremely gifted in Maths and Science, consistently scoring A1s for pure science as well as Additional & Elementary mathematics.

However, his child’s English Language was far behind compared to his maths and science.

But he always thought that English was a subject of “luck” and just hoped that his son could get “lucky” and score a distinction for English in ‘O’ Levels.

However, his son ended up getting a B4…

Which completely shattered the son’s dream of enrolling into Hwa Chong Institution…

Even though the son scored straight As for his other 6 subjects, English pulled him down like an anchor which resulted in him having to give up on his dream junior college…

However, I also know another mother who was in the complete opposite scenario.

Her daughter was struggling a lot with English, barely managing to secure a pass in her secondary 3 End-of-Year exams.

But when she was secondary 4, she did weekly consultations with her English teacher and worked extremely hard to pull herself up.

In the end?

She managed to secure an A2 for her GCE ‘N’ Levels…

Allowing her to just barely qualify for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) with a ELMAB3 score of 11 points.

Which would not have been possible had she not improved on English that was always pulling her ELMAB3 score down.

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The biggest takeaway about secondary school English here…

As a proud parent of two children myself, I understand how you feel when you see your child underperforming in school, and feel that he or she has the potential to do better.

You’ve seen your child shine in other activities before — whether it’s a hobby like playing the guitar or basketball, or even leadership roles in school activities, you know that your child could direct the same dedication into bucking up their academics.

And we can’t even help them even if we wanted to.

teacher daniel and family

The English Language Syllabus we learnt back in the days is completely different from the one our kids are learning now.

Meaning, we have no idea what our kids are supposed to be learning, and are even more clueless when it comes to tutoring our kids for English.

It just seems very bleak.

Having to entrust your child’s success solely into the hands of his or her English teacher, knowing very well that the teacher probably is responsible for over 100s of students in the school as well.

It’s not the teachers’ fault.

They too have 24 hours in a day, and they can only give so much time and attention to each individual student.

As parents, we just want the best for our kids.

We secretly despise the current “textbook style” education in Singapore, and pity our children for having to burn the midnight oil regularly to complete the mountain of homework assignments.

But at the same time, as much as we can’t bear to see our children suffer, we know that excelling in this system is necessary to open doors in the future…

To give our children more options…

More freedom…

The freedom to choose the courses and career paths that they have a passion for, instead of being forced to choose from a narrow pile of “unwanted” courses due to their ‘O/N’ Level score.

The last thing we want is that our children grow up to be depressed adults who hate their jobs, and see it as a massive source of unhappiness in their lives.

Here’s what most parents (and even teachers and tuition centers) get wrong…

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If you look at what school and tuition centers are doing, they’re focused on hammering down the English syllabus down our children’s throat.

They teach all the writing techniques, essay structures, comprehension question types, etc, and see this information as the key to scoring well for national exams.

But why do some kids still do badly even after learning all the hard techniques and structures?

Now don’t get me wrong — here at DoAppliedLearning, we have our own proven English Study Systems too.

But, we place heavy emphasis on your child’s values and holistic development as well.

DoAppliedLearning is NOT your average Secondary School ‘O/N’ Level English tuition center…

Apart from the academic side of things, we focus on equipping your child with life values and mindsets.

After years of trial and error with hundreds of students, we’ve boiled it down to the Pentagon Values System…

Many of our students forget all about the academic syllabus after they graduate, but they continue to use the Pentagon Values System to give themselves a huge advantage…

We have many graduates who managed to secure their dream jobs and take a big step closer to a high-flying career with the help of The Pentagon Values System…

pentagon values system scaled

Our graduates have used the Pentagon Values System to launch themselves far into their dream career and become pillars of society


Medical Doctor

I first met Teacher Daniel when I was a P5 student at Tao Nan School. Even at that age, I could see that the way in which he approached learning was very different from others. He focused on purposeful learning, and would always explain the rationale for anything he taught. His patience was also something I appreciated as I was an inquisitive child who asked many questions in class.

Dr Christopher Cheong

MBBS and Tao Nan School & Victoria Secondary School Alumni

So, without further ado, these are the 5 values in our Pentagon Values System:


Students can only improve when they accept that they’re making mistakes.


Instead of pushing blame, top students face their shortcomings head on.


Old fashioned hard work is then applied to overcome those shortcomings.


This is done through equipping students with the right frameworks to help them analyse situations logically – such is what will distinguish them from the rest of the pack.


Careless mistakes will also be minimised as students will be guided on how to pay precise attention to detail.

Hesitate No More. Find Out How Our Pentagon Values System Can Equip Your Child For The English Exams In School While Developing The Right Values For Life!

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To be completely transparent with you, I’m risking backlash and criticism by emphasizing on values through our Pentagon Values System.

Simply because “values” isn’t flashy like academic systems and frameworks that all other English Tuition centres in Singapore boast…

And it’s most likely alien to most parents and educators as well.

But, knowing how effective the Pentagon Values System is in helping students excel in both Secondary School and in life,

I have a moral responsibility to shed light on the truth and reveal to you what it takes for your child to succeed beyond just school.

In essence, we play the long game by equipping your child with both our Proven English Study Systems and The Pentagon Values System.

This is how we ensure you get your money’s worth even long after your child graduates.

Schedule Your Child’s Free Diagnostic Consultation (Worth $150) Today!

We look forward to adding your child to our rapidly growing list of success stories!

When you register for your complimentary English Diagnostic Consultation (worth $150), I’ll reveal how exactly we achieve Results Through Values.

We invite parents down for a complimentary diagnostic session for us to identify areas of improvement for your child. That way, you’ll be able to see which areas of English your child is weaker in.

Just like a doctor, we’re able to diagnose what the issue your child is suffering from.

We highly recommend that you schedule this complimentary diagnostic session with us to see if your child is a good fit to join our O Level English Tuition classes.

So, register below, and I’ll see you really soon!

Teacher Daniel,

Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist @DO Applied Learning By Epoch Talent Academy

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Pay Only If Your Child Improves Guarantee

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At DoAppliedLearning, we are Singapore’s ONLY Secondary School English Tuition Centre that offers a Pay-Only-If-Your-Child Improves performance guarantee.

Meaning, if your child doesn’t get results, you can walk away anytime for free.

This is how confident we are in our Proven English Study Systems and The Pentagon Values System.

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Schedule Your Child’s Free Diagnostic Consultation (Worth $150)!

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