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About Us

Why Values Combined With Proven Study Strategies Are Crucial To Achieving English Exam Success

I’m a father to two lovely children.

As a responsible parent, I make sure to teach them the right values in life.

I’m sure that all parents do that too.

This is because, we all believe that we need to teach our children in the way they should go when they are young so that they will not depart from that path even when they grow up.

Yet, as our children grow older however, the relentless pursuit of academic success often means that these values are forgotten.

In some cases, they are even completely abandoned.

But why?

Why must values and results be two separate things?

That got me thinking all those years ago…

Why not integrate the two together and achieve results through values instead?

That’s exactly what our programme has managed to do!

We combine powerful English study strategies with our Pentagon Values System, to arm your child with the tools and thinking processes to achieve perpetual success in all areas.

In other words, we don’t just focus on the next exam.

We don’t just prepare your child to score A1 or AL2 for English.

We do all that, and more. MUCH more. In fact, what we are trying to do is to equip your children with the tools to handle the real exam – that being to achieve success in their lives beyond the classroom.

With our Pentagon Values System, our graduates not only managed to achieve excellence in English exams, but go on to become pillars of society too.

Our Belief

The curriculum has changed over the years. It’ll probably change again in the near future. Exam difficulty levels have increased over the years. It’ll probably increase again in the near future.

Perhaps even sooner than you think. I.E., when your child sits for the PSLE or ‘O’ Level English exam. Nonetheless, if your child develops and exhibits the right values, all those changes won’t mean much, if at all.

Exam results will still be excellent!

This is so as internal values trump external factors all the time! The results of our countless number of students support the fact that our “Results Through Values” approach, while unique, is highly effective. Your child can be the next in our long line of success stories!

Our System Enables Our Students To Excel In English At All Levels

Don’t take my word for it. Have a look at our students’ results.

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