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Hi, My name is Daniel, a Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist.

Being the savvy parent you are, you’ve probably seen a countless number of tuition websites all boasting to be the best Primary School English tuition provider in Singapore. 

But with such a wide range of options, who should you trust?

Who should you believe that they will actually help your child get that AL1/2/3/4 for primary school English exams?

Some of those Primary school English tuition centres may even boast about their “best” systems and a large number of success stories?

They’re probably true and are great options for your child.

Yet, the problem remains — they don’t guarantee results for your child.

This is simply because they can’t.

Unlike us.

Our “Did I read that right?”
Pay-Only-If-Your-Child-ImproveS Guarantee…

We’re the only primary school English tuition centre in Singapore that GUARANTEES results.

You’re probably wondering:

“How crazy is this guy to offer such a bold guarantee without even seeing my child first?”


We’re 100% fully confident that our system and methods can enable your child to improve leaps and bounds in English and even sustain it over time!

We have full faith in our proven system that has seen hundreds of gleeful primary school students going home smiling with their report card in hand.

We’re almost certain that your child will be our next success story.

The #1 misconception most parents have about the Primary School PSLE English Language Syllabus in Singapore

Most parents seem to think that english is “common sense” and can be improved by reading books or news articles…

Yes, this statement is true to a certain extent. English can be improved naturally through time and by reading more books or articles, leading to a stronger command of the language.

However, the Singapore Primary school syllabus measures more than just “command of the English Language”

Here’s what I mean:

For primary school, one of the dreaded sections in the primary school exams and PSLE is Synthesis & Transformation.

Synthesis & Transformation in a nutshell, is re-arranging and combining sentences together.

If a primary school student has a strong foundation in English from reading books or news articles, then yes, they’ll be able to solve basic questions with relative ease.

However, just “talent” or a strong foundation in English may not be enough for more tricky questions like these from PSLE 2019:

The more tricky questions like those shown above require certain techniques and methods that need to be followed and cannot be easily solved with just a “feel” for English.

And, if your child wishes to score well for his or her Primary School English exams or the PSLE, this section should not be eye-balled or winged-it as it could result in unnecessary loss of marks that could pull them one grade down.

Here’s what most parents (and even teachers and tuition centres) get wrong…

If you study what schools and other English tuition centres are doing, they’re focused solely on the PSLE Academic syllabus.

Writing techniques, essay flow and structure, synthesis & transformation question types, etc, are all the concepts fully emphasized by teachers and tutors.

But why do some kids still do badly even after learning all the hard techniques and structures?

Now don’t get me wrong — The DOAppliedLearning programme offered by Epoch Talent Academy has its own proven English Study Systems too.

But, we more importantly place heavy emphasis on your child’s values and holistic development as well.

Therein lies the difference! Read on to find out more…

Do Applied Learning By epoch Talent academy is NOT your average tuition programme…

We focus heavily on equipping your child with proven mindsets, values, and an attitude that he or she will need to excel in both exams and in life.

What really separates Epoch Talent Academy’s DO Applied Learning Programme from your neighbourhood English tuition centre is that we arm your child with the tools and thinking processes to achieve perpetual success in all areas of life.

Meaning, our focus is not solely on the next exam, or that A1 or AL2 for English.

Of course, bumping up your child’s English results is a huge priority for us, but we do much more in helping him or her build mental frameworks that will serve them for life.

We’ve boiled all the mindsets, values, attitudes into a simple and condensed framework.

We call this the Pentagon Values System.

Our graduates have used the Pentagon Values System to launch themselves far into their dream career and become pillars of society

Medical Doctor

I first met Teacher Daniel when I was a P5 student at Tao Nan School. Even at that age, I could see that the way in which he approached learning was very different from others. He focused on purposeful learning, and would always explain the rationale for anything he taught. His patience was also something I appreciated as I was an inquisitive child who asked many questions in class.

Dr Christopher Cheong

MBBS and Tao Nan School & Victoria Secondary School Alumni

So, without further ado, these are the 5 values in our Pentagon Values System:


Students can only improve when they accept that they’re making mistakes.


Instead of pushing blame, top students face their shortcomings head on.


Old fashioned hard work is then applied to overcome those shortcomings.


This is done through equipping students with the right frameworks to help them analyse situations logically – such is what will distinguish them from the rest of the pack.


Careless mistakes will also be minimised as students will be guided on how to pay precise attention to detail.

Help your child to achieve his or her fullest potential in school while simultaneously developing the right life values to excel beyond the classroom!

To be fully truthful with you, I’m at the risk of flak and criticism from the public and other educators for challenging the norm.

The norm that tuition centres should only focus on academics.

But I don’t buy that. Because, is that really all there is to being an educator?

You see, I’m a proud parent who is blessed with two amazing children. And every time I see my students in class, I immediately get reminded of them.

This led me to always give my best in mentoring my students as though they were my own kids.

So this got me thinking, would academic skills really be the only thing I want to impart to them?

The answer became obvious.

As an educator, how can I not help my students develop the right values and mindsets that will serve them even after I’m not there for them?

This is why I’m a firm believer in both our Proven English Study Systems and Our Pentagon Values System.

I aim to prepare your child not just for English exams and PSLE, but also for life in the future.

Schedule Your Child’s Free Diagnostic Consultation (Worth $150) Today!

We look forward to adding your child to our rapidly growing list of success stories!

When you register for your complimentary English Diagnostic Consultation (worth $150), I’ll reveal how exactly we achieve Results Through Values.

We invite parents down for a complimentary diagnostic session for us to identify areas of improvement for your child. That way, you’ll be able to see which areas of English your child is weaker in.

Just like a doctor, we’ll then start to diagnose what issue/s your child is suffering from.

We highly recommend that you schedule this complimentary diagnostic session with us to see if your child is a good fit for our Primary School English Tuition classes.

So, register below, and I’ll see you really soon!

To Your Child’s English Exam Success, and more importantly to his/her continuing success in life too!

Teacher Daniel,

Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist @DO Applied Learning By Epoch Talent Academy

Our System Enables Our Students To Ace Their English Examinations With Ease

Don’t take my words for it. Have a look at my students’ results for the past couple of PSLEs.

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Many parents come to us because they feel that their child can be pushed further into that next level of mastery to really gain an unbeatable edge over their peers. If you’re looking to help your child improve by leaps and bounds for English with a proven system, then English tuition here may be what you are looking for.

The DO Applied Learning programme run by Epoch Talent Academy is the only English programme to GUARANTEE that your child will see improvements in his or her English Results.

Just like a doctor, we’ll ask targeted and guided questions to assess which areas your child can improve in. From there, we’ll decide if your child is a good fit for our Primary School English Tuition classes or not. If your child isn’t, we will even gladly refer you to our competitors.

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