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Do Applied Learning
By Epoch Talent Academy

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Do Applied Learning
By Epoch Talent Academy

Secondary School Parents – Did Your Child Perform Up To Expectations For SA2 English (I.E. At Least A B3)?

Discover The OCS Learning Formula – A Powerful And Effective Approach To Cultivate The Right Study Values In Your Child…So That Ace-ing Next Year’s English Exams Will Be As Easy As A-B-C!

By Teacher Daniel, Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist

If you are here on our website, chances are that you have seen a variety of other secondary school English tuition websites all promising to help your child score better grades for English.

However, what differentiates us?
It’s simple.

We offer Singapore’s ONLY English Education Programme That Operates On A Pay-Only-If Your-Child-Improves Basis

Your Child Could Be Our Next Success Story!

Claim Your Complimentary English Diagnostic Session (Worth $150)

With Teacher Daniel To Help Your Child Ace English In 2022!

What Is Happening In Schools Today?

With the shift to HBL and online learning, many students are having problems adapting. 

To make matters worse, class sizes are not getting any smaller even when students return back to school for lessons.  

The biggest issue is that they are often distracted, and unable to focus during lessons. 

This becomes an even bigger headache when the pace of class is simply too fast for the children to catch up especially for paper 2.

As a result, it is not surprising that their recent SA2 grades are far from ideal.

This doesn’t bode well for the ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level exams on the horizon…

Sounds familiar?

If your child did not score a good grade for SA2 English, fret not.

Because we have your solution!

Our OCS Learning Formula is specially designed to help your child develop the right mindset, values and mentality for long-term academic success.

Combine that with our potent English exam strategies…

And it is no surprise why the majority of our students improved by at least 2 grades or aced their SA2 English paper, and go on to score their desired marks for their ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level English!

Have a look at some of their results*:

Thankfully, Our System Equips Our Students To Score Well At The National Exams

Grades Improved from C to A2

Torres Gan
N-Level Candidate (2020)
Dunman Secondary School

Grades Improved from B4 to A2

John Tan
O Level Candidate (2020)
Hai Sing Catholic School

Grades Improved from B4 to A2

Jae En Wong
O Level Candidate (2020)
Hai Sing Catholic

*These are results from our 2020 batch, which is still relevant today as online learning was already in effect last year. 2021 results will be uploaded as soon as we get them.

Claim Your Complimentary English Diagnostic Session (Worth $150)

With Teacher Daniel To Help Your Child Ace English In 2022!

Why Do Our Students Achieve Better English Grades Than Others? Read On To Find Out…

Unlike most education centres, we don’t just focus solely on exam results.

That’s a short-sighted approach which ultimately, won’t benefit your child in the long run.

Instead, we place great emphasis on cultivating the right values and character traits in our students.

It may seem counter intuitive at first.

However, we believe that the right values will naturally lead to consistently-high grades and performances.

Not just for the next English paper.

But for every test, exam, and challenge in life after that too.

Ultimately, we believe that if children are guided well in the way they should go in their youth; then, they shall surely not depart from the right path even when they grow older.

If you’ve been sending your child for expensive tuition, without getting the grades you expect…

Chances are that the right values have not been cultivated in your child.

So, Why Are Values Such An Important Aspect Of Academic Success?

teacher daniel and family

 I am a father to two lovely children and I make sure to teach them the right values in life. 

The same goes for how they approach learning especially for my boy who just entered primary school. 

As a parent, I am certainly aware that our children can only spend a fraction of their time at tuition.

Sad to say, many students today simply show up for lessons, barely put in any effort during those 2-3 hours, go back home and promptly forget everything that was taught.

This renders tuition a futile effort, amounting to nothing more than a waste of money.

That’s not how we do things at DO Applied Learning. 

In order for our learning strategies and techniques to be internalised and applied, we believe that it’s what students do during their “free time” which really matters.

Besides imparting our proven English formulas, we ensure that your child is motivated to self-study, self-improve and self-succeed…even without supervision.

All that is only possible if the right values are cultivated.

Doing this in turn leads to permanent and consistently-high exam results.

Our OCS Learning Formula is designed to help your child do just that, and more.

Here’s a brief look at how and why it can work wonders for your child:

Step 1 Of The OCS Learning Formula – Obedience

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-15 at 15.34.04

Students have a tendency to worry about external factors beyond their control.

E.g. How their classmates are performing, what are the possible exam questions etc.

Those are distractions which only serve to hinder their potential.

Instead, we instill obedience in our students by making sure they focus 100% on what they can control, simply by following our instructions.

Be it during exams, during tuition or during their own revision time, we have specific sets of instructions to bring out the best in our students in those key situations.

Do it our way, and students will have a proven winning formula to conquer all possible obstacles, as they will simply be focusing on controlling their controllables, and not what is happening around them.

In other words, ace-ing English exams will become a lot more possible!

Step 2 Of The OCS Learning Formula – Confidence


Even the best laid plans can go awry.

Many students suffer from “exam-day syndrome”, despite being well-prepared beforehand.

When that happens, panic and stress will takeover, likely resulting in under-performance.

This is especially true for English, which requires a lot more critical thinking ability than other subjects.

That’s why building confidence is so important.

We do this by putting our students through intense exam preparations. This is an essential confidence-building exercise often overlooked by others.

Just so you know, we don’t only do generic “mock exams”. Instead, we delve deep into each student’s character, and customize our teaching techniques to fit their learning patterns.

Doing this will allow students to perform at peak ability, even in the face of overwhelming stress.

Such is so as they will have confidence that the instructions that they have worked to follow and implement, can navigate them through their English exams successfully.

Step 3 Of The OCS Learning Formula – Self-Directed Learning

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-19 at 21.49.19

You may have seen other tuition centres talk about “magic formulas” that can lead to almost instant improvements in results.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news…

But life, and academics, don’t work that way.

You can’t expect results without putting in the effort, no matter how powerful the teaching strategy.

In order to maximize our students’ efforts, we cultivate self-directed learning.

Even without supervision from teachers or parents, our students have the discipline to learn and complete essential tasks on their own.

This increased input in effort will lead to a much better output in terms of exam grades.

See How Our Students Have Benefited From The OCS Learning Formula

Secured His 'A' Grade At The O Levels

Jesper Van Maanen
O Level Candidate (2020)
Hai Sing Catholic

Secured Her 'A' Grade At The O Levels

Chloe Teo
O Level Candidate (2020)
Anglican High School

Secured His 'A' Grade At The O Levels

Zachary Wee
O Level Candidate (2020)
Hai Sing Catholic School

Claim Your Complimentary English Diagnostic Session (Worth $150)

With Teacher Daniel To Help Your Child Ace English In 2022!

Here Are Even More Success Stories

Grades Improved from C6 to B3

Ansel Chew
O Level Candidate (2020)
Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Grades Improved from C6 to B3

Yeo Wen Xuan
O Level Candidate (2020)
Private Candidate

Grades Improved from C6 to B3

Maximus Ng
O Level Candidate (2020)
St Hilda’s Secondary School

Grades Improved from C5 to A1

Matthew Koay
Top English Student In 
St Patricks’ School

Grades Improved from C6 to A2

Lucas Tan
Sec 3 Student In  
Junyuan Secondary School

Scored 'A' For English Consistently

Sewell Mak
Sec 3 Student In
Anglican High School

What's More, Our Students Use The Values Learnt Here & Go On To Enjoy Success After Graduating As Well!

University Scholar

Teacher Daniel taught me from Pri 4 until Sec 4. Over the years in his class, I really appreciated how the application focused teaching methods taught by him enabled me to not only strengthen my language skills, but more importantly helped me to hone my critical thinking ability and communication skills. The skills I’ve learnt from him stayed with me even after I graduated from Secondary school, and were crucial for my successful scholarship application.


Kenneth Chew

Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship Recipient for 2016, Tao Nan Primary School & Maris Stella Secondary School Alumni


Successful Entrepreneur

Teacher Daniel is someone who teaches English in a way that can be applied meaningfully beyond the classroom. The skills he taught me over the years helped me to present myself confidently in front of various audiences, and played a significant role in my success today as an entrepreneur.

Shawn Loo

Founder, Gold Plus Fuels Pte Ltd and Winner of Start Up @ Singapore Business Plan Competition

Medical Doctor

I first met Teacher Daniel when I was a P5 student at Tao Nan School. Even at that age, I could see that the way in which he approached learning was very different from others. He focused on purposeful learning, and would always explain the rationale for anything he taught. His patience was also something I appreciated as I was an inquisitive child who asked many questions in class.


Dr Christopher Cheong

MBBS and Tao Nan School & Victoria Secondary School Alumni


Equip Your Child For Success In The English Exam And For Life Today With A Pair Of Safe Hands!

On a final but important note…

It’s important to know why your child did not do well for SA2 English.

Chances are that your child did not receive the right type of help from teachers and tutors.

Meaning, the values part of education was neglected in favor of over-emphasis on exam results and the search for “magical formulas”.

As you should know by now, that approach doesn’t work well for your child.

So, if you want your child to do much better for English next year, and mature as an individual too…

It’s time for a change.

Not later. Not another time. But NOW.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no magic formula that can miraculously improve your child’s English grades.

We need time to instill the right values in your child.

And time is too valuable a commodity to waste.

So don’t wait too long. Or at all.

Register for your complimentary English Diagnostic Session with me, Teacher Daniel.

I will personally show you:

1) What your child’s game plan should be;

2) Why our values based approach work a lot better than others; and,

3) How I can pull your child’s English grade up by 2 grades or more within just months.

A countless number of students from our previous batches have already benefited.

Don’t take our word for it. See what others are saying.

Due to their kind words, we have been voted as one of the 3 best tuition centres in Marine Parade, and 1 of the top ten best centres for English in Singapore.

Seal Of Approval Stamp & curatorsuite Logo - Tuition Centre 2021 (1)
Three-Best-Rated-Award (1)

Your child can be our next in a long line of success stories!

Talk soon, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

To Your Child’s Upcoming Success in English and in life,

Teacher Daniel, Chief Educator, DO Applied Learning 

Claim Your Complimentary English Diagnostic Session (Worth $150)

With Teacher Daniel To Help Your Child Ace English In 2022!

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