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Good Phrases For Composition Writing In English

Good Phrases For Composition Writing In English

Are you ready to take your child’s writing to the next level? Discover the secret to captivating the examiner’s attention from the very first line.

Introducing good phrases for English composition writing – the key to transforming your child’s composition from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine your child holding the reader’s interest with every carefully chosen word as ideas flow seamlessly, and the story unfolds effortlessly.

Mastering this art is not only essential for academic success, it also opens the door to effective communication and self-expression. So, without further ado, let’s learn the power of good phrases for composition writing.

Essential Categories Of Good Phrases

Connective Phrases

Connective phrases are the glue that hold ideas together, ensuring a seamless reading experience. By incorporating these phrases, your child can create a well-structured and coherent composition that flows effortlessly from one point to another.

  • Examples: moreover, in contrast, for instance, nevertheless, therefore, subsequently

Descriptive Phrases

Descriptive phrases breathe life into a composition by evoking emotions, sensations, and vivid images. Skilful use of these phrases helps readers visualise the scenes and characters, making your child’s writing more immersive and engaging.

  • Examples: a gentle whisper, piercing gaze, meticulously arranged, cautiously approached.

Sentence Starters (Varied Openings)

Diverse sentence starters make your child’s compositions more engaging by avoiding repetition and monotony. Starting sentences with varied phrases keeps the reader interested and eager to know what comes next.

  • Examples: amidst the…, taking into consideration…, overwhelmed by…, with great anticipation

Expressing Opinions

Expressing an opinion with conviction helps persuasively convey your child’s perspective. Use phrases that show confidence.  These allow the reader to  better understand and connect with your child’s thoughts.

  • Examples: it seemed to me that, from my perspective, I was convinced that, there was no denying that

Comparing And Contrasting

If your child wants to include different viewpoints on a scene in the story, comparisons and contrasts will help with that. These phrases help to effectively demonstrate the similarities and differences between ideas of subjects.

  • Examples: in the same vein, unlike, conversely, by comparison, however

Figures Of Speech

Figures of speech are expressive, imaginative, and often non-literal uses of language that allow writers and speakers to convey meaning more effectively and artistically. These linguistic devices can add depth, emphasis, and flair to your child’s writing, making the composition more engaging and memorable.

  • Examples: as quick as a flash, a heart of gold, the calm before the storm, a sea of troubles

Concluding Phrases

Summarise compositions by offering concluding phrases that leave a lasting impression on the reader. Craft a powerful conclusion where your child reinforces the main ideas and brings the essay to a satisfactory close.

  • Examples: the memory of what happened will remain etched in my mind, since then, I have learnt never to (insert negative action)again, this incident will thus serve as an important reminder to me of the time when. 

Examples And Applications Of Words And Phrases In Composition Writing

Examples And Applications Of Words And Phrases In Composition Writing

Connective Phrases:

  • “The sun shone brilliantly on the beach, attracting a crowd of sunbathers. In contrast, the nearby forest was cool and quiet, offering a peaceful retreat.”
  • “He studied diligently for the exam, and as a result, he scored exceptionally well.”
  • “The boy’s futile rage swept through him after the tragic loss of his friend. Nevertheless, he knew he had to carry on and fulfil their shared dream.”
  • “The students worked together on the project, yet they still encountered several challenges along the way.”
  • “She loved listening to classical music, whereas her brother preferred rock and roll.”

Descriptive Phrases

  • “The dark clouds loomed ominously, signalling an approaching storm.”
  • “All the crying from the baby ceased when she was gently rocked in her mother’s arms.”
  • “A fragrant aroma of freshly baked bread filled the air, making everyone’s mouth water.”
  • “Fear surrounded her as she walked through the dimly lit alley, with shadows lurking around every corner.”
  • “The vibrant colours of the autumn leaves created a breathtaking tapestry on the forest floor.”

Sentence Starters

  • Despite the challenges, she was determined to pursue her dreams.”
  • With a heavy heart, he turned away, knowing he could never return.”
  • Suddenly, loud cries pierced the night as the celebrations commenced.”
  • Without warning, the ground began to shake, causing panic among the people.”
  • Sensing danger, the animals in the forest suddenly grew silent.”

Expressing Opinions

  • From my perspective, John should not have been so rude to his teacher..”
  • “I could not help but feel that something bad was going to occur”
  • “It was clear to me that our choice was not the best one 
  • I believe that he has learnt his lesson and will not repeat it again 

Comparing And Contrasting

  • “Mary was a pleasant child, while her brother John was a little tyrant.
  • “Both dogs and cats make great pets, but dogs tend to be more loyal and protective, while cats are generally more independent.”
  • “John was supposed to work with his team members to complete the project. However, he decided to ignore everyone and fly solo instead. 

Figures Of Speech

  • The world is your oyster, presenting endless opportunities and experiences for those willing to explore and take risks.”
  • “Her eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky, capturing everyone’s attention with their mesmerising beauty.”
  • “His words were like a soothing balm, providing comfort and reassurance in times of distress.”
  • Time flies, reminding us to cherish each moment and live life to the fullest.”
  • “The silence in the room was deafening, amplifying the tension and anticipation felt by all present.”

Concluding Phrases

  • In light of what happened, John decided to turn over a new leaf and started to pull up his socks. 
  • Ultimately, being honest matters more than achieving victory, especially if the win was based on a lie. 
  • The memory of what happened will remain etched in my mind for a long time to come just like a stain on a pristine white wall.

Conclusion About Good Phrases For Composition Writing

As we’ve explored, mastering composition writing requires understanding the nuances of language, avoiding common misconceptions, and employing effective techniques. Embracing variety and originality and striking the right balance between simplicity and complexity can significantly enhance your compositions.

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